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A long history...

Paulides B.V. has been producing DC supplied motors for more than 80 years. The story behind our company is too big to cover in a paragraph, so this page is dedicated to the history of Paulides B.V. On the one side it describes our products and applications and on the other side the development of the factory and the buildings.

The factory was started during the depression, since no job was available fro a freshly graduated engineer, in dad's workshop behind the parents home. The calculations and design were made on pieces of the newspaper and on the back of cigar boxes. In this way, during the war, something, although slowly, happened in Sprang-Capelle. After the war, in a new building, the current factory was initiated.

Paulides B.V. - A family business
Our factory has always been a family business, where everybody who was around made hers or his contribution. For this we would like to thank the entire family.

Without doubt, the most important persons for a factory are the employees. That is why we would like to thank our past and current employees. Especially we like to mention the employees who worked at home (winding the armatures), who, mostly behind the scenes, contributed tremendously to the success of Paulides B.V. There is one employee we especially like to point out, Gerrit Haisma, who has worked for 60 years and three generations within the company.

Furthermore, we would also like to thank our suppliers, most of whom have been supplying us for many years, for the enjoyable contacts. Also, we would also thank our customers for the confidence they showed in our products.

1935 - 1937: How it started

History of Paulides B.V. - How it started

On the 2nd of December 1935, J. Paulides started as a trainee at the communal tram company in Amsterdam. During this two years of internship, he recorded many technical aspects in a notebook. Very detailed, he describes in word and drawing the various components. A trigger for the rest of his career.

The early life of Jo Paulides

History of Paulides B.V. - The early life of Jo Paulides

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1938 - 1950: The beginning

History of Paulides B.V. - The Beginning - Transporting motors for repair by boat

At the back of the parental house in a shed. There, at the "Pad", was in 1938 in Sprang the start of the company we know as Paulides B.V. It was a time of depression and Johanes (Jo) Paulides didn't have much of a choice but to start his own factory. A man had to earn one's bread. This is the reason why Jo started, after a short internship at the tram tracj in Amsterdam, to sell his own ideas. The first ten years he mostly repaired electrical machines for various customers. Next to that tools for the leather industry and machines for sewing machines were designed and fabricated. Brabant didn't encounter the war. This permitted the development of the factory.

History of Paulides B.V. - The Beginning - Drawings for the first part of the factory

The sewing-machine motor - Type 106

The Paulides Electro sewing-machine motor is a two pole commutator machine (universal machine 220VAC), wherefrom the armature winding and field coils are chosen such that the motor output power (0.3hp at 2500rpm and 2.6A) coincides with the necessary energy for the propulsion of the then available household machines. As a speed control of these machine a carbon resistance was selected, since this had proven to ensure the most reliable and maintenance free operation. The principle is that due to the change in "pressure on the carbonplates" the resistance of in- or decreased, which made the machine faster or slower, respectively. The extra external friction brake also enabled fast braking of the machine, which positively influenced the productivity.

History of Paulides B.V. - The Beginning - Sewing-machine motor

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1951 - 1960

History of Paulides B.V. - 1951-1960

After the war business went so well that expansion was needed. In 1954 they build a little factory (80㎡) along the Kerkstraat in Sprang-Capelle. Business was going well in the fifties for Jo Paulides. Their were ever more repairs, an extending production with various motors for the leather and shoes industry, hot-air hand dryer and several single phase machine types.

Grinding machine - 1953

The grinding machine for van Wees is one of the First applications of the Paulides Electro asynchronous three phase alternating current machine. There were two versions of this 0.9pk motor, namely a two-pole 2800rpm and a four pole 1420rpm. These were wound with pre-formed coils in a lamination of 24 slots with 135 or 110 turns per coil and a wire diameter of 0.7mm. As with all parts was also the squirrel cage armature self fabricated by welding copper bars in a armature lamination of Kienle und Spiess with an oxyacetylene welding equipment placed in the attic, where the extraction system was placed.

History of Paulides B.V. - 1951-1960 - Grinding machine

Hand dryer - 1951

The hand- or hair dryer (2.1 kWh) is one of the First complete systems (1951) being designed and produced in-house. In this, a universalmotor was combined with a heat spiral and a time switch to enable the machine to automatically switch off (variable between 10 and 180 seconds). The air is being drawn from the back of the machine and guided past the motor (0.1 kWh) and the heat spiral (2 kWh) to achieve a nice flow of warm air (to max 100℃) that enables you to dry your hands or hair. It needs noting that all the parts where self fabricated, for example, the metal casing was forced over an wooden former, the motor is a two pole series wounded universal motor and the heat spiral is made of wound high resistance wire. A number of these systems were exported (e.g. to Libanon), but also locally used in the "Jaarbeurs", the "Elisabeth" hospital, etc.

History of Paulides B.V. - 1951-1960 - Hair dryer

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1961 - 1970

History of Paulides B.V. - 1961-1970

In 1961 Paulides an LLC was started with Gerrit Neutenboom from Spijkstaal, producer of electrical vehicles. In 1965, in the factory, a room build for varnishing, to insulate the windings. In 1967 the partnership with Neuteboom ended. Jo Paulides bought his part of the shares and continued independently. His talent as a designer and inventor resulted, among other things, in a weld transformer for 110 and 220 VDC (mainly used in coasters) and diesel driven weld/mains generators.

History of Paulides B.V. - 1961-1970

Soon the factory was enlarged by 70 square metres. In 1961 followed by a production facility of 450 square metres, a canteen, a space for cleaning the hands and a central heating room. In that year the production of brushed DC motors started, which were produced for the transportation of people and goods.

History of Paulides B.V. - 1961-1970


One of the First DC machines from Paulides Electro is the C-motor (1.5hp at 1200rpm) that was used for traction applications in vehicles of Spijkstaal. These battery supplied (48VDC) eight pole serie wound motor had to be as small as possible. Therefore, this is also one of the first wheelmotors, where the motor is placed directly inside the wheel and the bearing of the gearbox was integrated on the end-plate of the motor. Therefore, this motor had a relatively large diameter of 150mm, however, only a short axial length of 40mm. Within Paulides Electro this is one of the first machine were one thousand pieces have been manufactured.

History of Paulides B.V. - 1961-1970

Electrical car

History of Paulides B.V. - 1961-1970

At this moment a growing commercial demand exists to energy efficient hybrid vehicles (e.g. Toyota Prius, Honda Civic, etc.), but already in the seventies a converted Citroen with a 48VDC motor was driving in Sprang-Capelle. Inside four lorry batteries were used which could be switched in parallel (12VDC), series-parallel (24VDC) or in series (48VDC) by means of starter relais. These were controlled from a three position accelerator pedal. Also the gearbox was still available, which enables the pre-selection of various maximum speeds (max 70km/hrs) although at the expense of a reduced action radius.

History of Paulides B.V. - 1961-1970 - Electrical car

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1971 - 1980

History of Paulides B.V. - 1971-1980

In the seventies the factory was at its all-time low. The factory almost went bankrupt, one of the reasons was the decreasing demand for diesel driven generators. But as you can often see, in the regression their started a new evasion. In 1978 Jo Paulides started a new partnership with his son, Sjaak. The company slowly recuperated. A new market was found; the products changed. The company started to design more brushed DC machines for various applications. For example gun-turrets of tanks, parts for ship applications and air-conditioning for cars. Tennant and Gansow ordered a lot of motors for industrial sweepers. This all lead to several extensions to the factory, i.e. storage for small materials (1985), a new production space for metal cutting machines (1987) and at last in 1997 a building used for storing pallets and to paint motors.

Diesel driven welding and mains generator

Another system applications is the diesel driven welding/mains generator, where a 21hp diesel engine (1 cylinder, 4 stroke) of Ruggerini was used to direct-drive a welding and mains generator. The welding generator (12kW; S2-60%) was combined with a mains generator, where the welding generator generated a DC voltage (60VDC with 15 to 200A) and the mains generator supplied the AC voltage (220VAC with 16A). At the 2 pole welding generator a disc was used to short the magnetic flux from the field supply, what resulted in a cheap and gearless control. The mains generator (3.5kVA) supplied the AC voltage and current to two sockets of 16A (fused) at 220VAC. Further, the welding generator was one of the first motors where interpoles were used to minimise the armature reaction field.

History of Paulides B.V. - 1971-1980 - Diesel driven welding and mains generator


Although that already in 1966 the first motors were supplied to Tennant it really started to materialize in the seventies. At that time Kroon fietsenfabriek was overtaken by Tennant NV. The motor that was supplied was a compound motor K103 (0.75 kW at 1680rpm) for the traction and sweeping of a small industrial sweeper. Therefore,this motor had shaft-ends on both sides outside the motor to allow the combination of these tasks. This was the start of supplying to cleaner manufacturers, from this motor almost 10,000 pieces have been delivered in 25 years, which were transported by ourselves to Uden, The Netherlands.

History of Paulides B.V. - 1971-1980 - Tennant

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1981 - 1990

History of Paulides B.V. - 1981-1990

Gansow veegmachine

A request at the end of the seventies of sweeper manufacturer Gansow led to a compund motor of 0.75 kW at 1300rpm. In first instance was this motor supplied as a prototype for a new sweeper, where the motor via a belt-drive was connected to the brush. The large quantaties are arranged by Lex van der Kamp and this resulted in Alpatek. In time almost 10,000 motors have been supplied, which were transported by ourselves to Bergkamen-Rünthe, Germany.

History of Paulides B.V. - 1981-1990 - Gansow veegmachine

Alpatek generator (AD65)

Shipbuilders requested a powerful DC shunt generator. These 65A generators are being used in Ward Leonard motor control systems for electrical steer applications in ships, for example for the automatic pilot on the river. The diesel engine drives the AD65 (1.5 kW at 1600rpm) which supplies a NOS1,5 (1.5 kW at 1500rpm) steering motor. The Ad65 is one of the first motors within Paulides B.V. that utilize a wave winding instead of a lap winding. This, together with the lamination design, ensures that the generator saturates, which limits the output power of the generator. Lately the profile wire in the armature is being replaced by multiple parallel strands. Additionally Paulides B.V. builds a more powerful shunt generator, i.e. the ADM5 (5.0 kW at 1600rpm).

History of Paulides B.V. - 1981-1990 - Alpatek generator (AD65)

1986 - formation of Alpatek B.V.

The name Alpatek is build up from Al(exander) Pa(ulides) and Tek(technique). The starting letters of both founders and owners of the trade company and, of course, the basis for their products. Commercial a "smart" name: beginning with an "A", so you automatically are at the top of all classifications. The trading-company sells products of Paulides B.V. and other suppliers. Moreover Alpatek has access to the production capacity of Paulides B.V.; the factory has the possibility to combine their own designs with products of others. Electrical machines (own product) and gearboxes (product supplier) are for example combined. In this way drive trains for large and small electric vehicles are established. Paulides B.V. tests the new product and completely assemblies them. Since 1986 a large customer database has been established, both nationally and internationally. Alpatek supplies approximately 60% of the products direct and indirect to foreign companies, in Europe and globally. For more information you can check the website: www.alpatek.nl.


The cooperation between Spijkstaal and Paulides B.V. also resulted in the design of bowthrusters for yachts. Together, an efficient noiseless brushed DC motor (SP50; 3.7 kW at 1600rpm) was designed that did not occupy a lot of space within the yachts, since the motor is placed by welding a steel tube crossways through the bow or the stern and provides a means to direct-drive a propeller (most efficient solution). At the moment, these bow- and stern-thrusters are available in 12VDC (CP40), 24VDC (CP50 and CP90) and 48VDC (CP40 and CP90), available in the following thrust-levels, i.e. 40kgf (CP40), 50kgf (CP50) and 90kgf (CP90).

History of Paulides B.V. - 1981-1990 - Bowthrusters

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1991 - 2000

In 1994 Jo Paulides retires from the company. Sjaak Paulides becomes the new owner of Paulides B.V. New costumers request ever more tailor-made products. Various new types of motors with permanent magnet excitation are designed and supplied to numerous applications, e.g. to industrial scrubbers and sweepers. From 1998 is grandson Johan Paulides active in the factory, he is academically educated and adds to the engineering knowledge within Paulides B.V. This results in an ideal combination of engineering and practice.

Hako industrial sweeper (type 36BHA09)

In the nineties a start was made with the design of a short drive system for a sweeping brush of Hako industrial cleaning machines (one of the globally leading companies of machine for in- and external cleaning). The sweeping brush drive unit was made in cooperation with Bockwoldt, where Paulides B.V. supplied the motor and Bockwoldt made the gearbox and assembled the system. To ensure a short drive, the motor end-plate was only assembled to test the machine in Paulides B.V., however, later removed to be replaced with the end-plate of the gearbox, where the shaft gearing and casing directly connected to the motor. This brushed DC motor was a compound machine of 0.8kW at 2300rpm. The motor is unique in that it contained four shunt coils and two series coils. The reason is that too little space was available for the shunt coils on the pole shoes, hence, the remaining shunt coil had to be integrated on top of the series coil.

History of Paulides B.V. - 1991-2000 - Hako industrial sweeper (type 36BHA09)

Tour boat motor (type 48PB8)

In 1994, a request was made from Hank in the "Biesbosch" for a battery supplied motor for a tour boat application, where solar panels were fitted on the roof to charge the batteries during the day. This challenge was accepted and a suitable motor was in-house designed and build. To much satisfaction a 48VDC, 8kW at 1500rpm motor was supplied. This force-cooled motor uses a series excited wound field and interpoles in series with the armature. Further, also the control (including a joystick and contactor) was supplied and installed. This motor has now been used for 14 years and, besides a few maintenance occasions, only a temperature controlled switched has been installed which ensures that the fan is not excited at low temperatures (less noise). For a new aluminium ship, the complete electrical system was supplied, i.e. the drive motor, bowthruster, solarpanels including electronics, contactors, joysticks, brushed DC controller and all this was installed on the boat.

History of Paulides B.V. - 1991-2000 - Tour boat motor (type 48PB8)


In 1997 an increasing demand was made for a relatively small brushed DC motor. The designed was named the A120PM, which, by using a reduced number of slots, resulted in a very versatile motor. This motor is being used in numerous applications, e.g. movable swimming bath floors, airco units, traction, barrier systems, power steering, etc. Further, these motors are completely customer specific supplied with many available options, e.g. brake, fan, encoder, tacho, speed control, etc. This robust motor also combines the advantages of a reasonable price with an elevated power in a small volume.

History of Paulides B.V. - 1991-2000 - A120PM

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2001 - 2008


With the introduction of the A166PM in 2003, we have extended our permanent magnet portfolio with a very powerful motor. By using the advantages of bonded rare earth magnets we have designed a machine that can also deliver a relatively large power from a small volume. Also is this compact volume a large improvement over induction machines, e.g. compared to the same size standard IEC 80 motor, the A166PM delivers about 3 times the power. Further, also the efficiency is considerably improved, where in battery-supplied applications and a directly connected motor, an efficiency of >80% in almost the entire torque-speed characteristic is not an exception.

History of Paulides B.V. - 2001-2008 - A166PM


Recently also many request are for a motor that can deliver even more power than the A166PM. This motor was not yet part of Paulides B.V. range and hence a special lamination has been designed within Paulides B.V. This motor utilises the capabilities of sintered rare earth magnets, which enables an even higher power density (in comparison to similar size induction machine about 4 times). This motor can also be supplied with different number of poles, which enables the motor to be used in slow speeds and low and elevated voltage applications.

History of Paulides B.V. - 2001-2008 - A202PM

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